Kiehl’s Eye Cream Review

Product: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Age: 21
Skin type: Dry to Normal, Sensitive

If you’ve read my 2015 Beauty Favorites Post, then you know that I wear false eyelashes almost everyday. Wearing eyelashes all the time takes a toll on my eyelids. To be honest, I bought this eye cream on a whim, because I heard that it was very hydrating. My skin type around my eye area is usually dry to normal, and I still have fairly young skin. I really wanted an eye cream that hydrated my skin, and prevent premature wrinkles.

I suffer from eczema, which occasionally flares up on my face. Fortunately, I have it mostly on my hands, but sometimes it flares up on my face if I have a reaction. I marked out the parts around my eyes that usually prone to rashes, and are the most dry.


IMG_7507 (1) copy*No makeup*

I think the one thing that intrigued me the most about this particular eye cream, is that it contains avocado oil. I don’t really see a lot of products made with this ingredient. Avocados contain antioxidant carotenoids, vitamin e and c, and has monounsaturated fatty acids, which all are excellent for hydrating dry skin.

IMG_7524 copy

I have to say, when I first used the product, I thought it was a weird texture. It is thick, and feels like a paste. However, when applied, it doesn’t feel heavy, or greasy. It is AMAZING. I had an allergic break out, and this cleared it up in 2 days! I bought the smaller jar (.5 fl oz) of this eye cream, but I think it will last me a really long time. I never have to use a lot on my eyes. I usually lightly dip my finger into the pot, and then dab around each eye (shown below).

IMG_7528 copy2IMG_7516(usually applied at night, after showering) *also no makeup*

Overall, this product was fantastic. 5 stars! If you have a problem with sensitive skin and dry patches I highly recommend this product. I must say, it is more on the expensive side, but it really is worth every dollar.

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2 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Eye Cream Review

  1. My daughter, Celina, has eczema too. Recently, her eyelids has been very dry. So, a few days ago, a beauty specialist suggested Kiehl’s Creamy eye treatment and gave her a sample. She has been using it for the past few days and likes it. But because it is a very expensive cream, I want to make sure that this works before investing into it. I’m glad to hear from you that this works. It gives me the confidence to buy one for Celina. Thank you for your help.

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  2. Thanks for the review. If it works well on your dryer areas hopefully it will work on my fine lines. I need to give it a try.


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