First Impressions: Lime Crime Lip Velvetine

Hi Lovelies! Here’s a quick first impression/review of Lime Crime’s Velvetine in Faded

Price: $20

(btw I totally spelled velvetine wrong in the header pic but whatever lol.)

Over winter break, I drove up to Powell St. in SF to meet my lovely friend, Miyu, who was visiting from Japan. We stopped into the Urban Outfitters for a bit of shopping, and I found out that they sold Lime Crime! I’ve heard so much about this brand since high school! So, naturally, being the makeup hoarder that I am, I bought this immediately.

Here are my thoughts of the product. 

First, the color is a light mauve color. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it is extremely long wearing! I did the trustworthy method to test if it transferred (aka kissed the back of my left hand), and the product didn’t transfer! I did notice however, it did not really last through dinner.

Unlike most liquid lipsticks, this one didn’t dry out my lips. I did notice it accentuated the wrinkles of my lips over time (which really isn’t the most flattering lip look).

Removal: I always use Sonia Kashuk’s oil make up remover, which removes my waterproof makeup effortlessly. I did try to remove it with a make up wipe, which took a bit longer, but it doesn’t take too long.

Here’s what the packaging looked like. I must say, Lime Crime never fails at decorative packaging.


Here’s what the color looks like on the label, and that’s Tyga motioning how faded he is.


Here’s a swatch of the color. It’s a nice matte finish, and a wonderful color on golden tan skin tones, and I feel like it will be an amazing color on all skin tones.

IMG_7600 copy

Here’s what it looks like with my everyday make up look.



IMG_9527 copy

This is me after taking a billion photos trying to get a good one to showcase my makeup look. Ran out of patience and my cheeks hurt lol.

Overall thoughts:

This is a pretty excellent product for long time wear. I would probably give it a 4/5 stars. I love it and would want to purchase their other colors.

Thanks for reading my newest blog post! If you have any product requests, comments, or questions, leave a comment down below!

❤ Asia

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Lime Crime Lip Velvetine

    1. Thank you! I haven’t posted anything about it yet, but I recently purchased another one in the color Cashmere! Thanks for the comment, I will be definitely checking your blog out too!



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