Weekend Trip to NYC

Hi Friends!

It’s been a while! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been quite busy with school and life, but FINALLY, here is another post! I went to NYC two weeks ago for my cousin’s wedding. I only stayed for a few days, so I hope you enjoy!

Friday! AKA Wedding Day!

I arrived at Newark,NJ Thursday morning, and hung out with my Aunt in New Jersey pretty much the whole day. Did basic things like picking up aspirin at target, going to walgreens, etc. Not too much excitement there.

Friday! I woke up on the 21st floor of the Hilton in sunny Manhattan. First order of business? Food!


So.. Our hotel was a convenient 5 minute walk to Shake Shack. I went here.. twice.. I believe. I’m sorry but I live in California, aka the Mecca of In and Out Burger joints, and honestly I love Shake Shack more than In and Out. The only issue I have with Shake Shack is that it’s too expensive.. but then again.. those cheesy deep fried portobellos are to die for.



We stayed at the Millennium Hilton in Manhattan, which is right across the street from the World Trade Center Memorial, and the newest World Trade Center Westfield. The architecture of this building blew me away, despite its resemblance to an enormous lady part.



The day after the wedding, I felt a bit nauseated, and was in dire need of a pick me up. Inside the Westfield is a small coffee/juice shop called Joe & the Juice. I was more happy to find out that the juicing hype hasn’t faded yet –well in NY anyway haha–.  Haven’t heard of this place until I stumbled upon it while I perused the shops in the building. Ordered a drink called “Stress Down” which was a mixture of apple, ginger and strawberry. Absolutely LOVED this combination, and highly recommend it to anyone who has a chance to visit. Oh, I forgot to mention, the majority of the shops in this building are underground, making it 100x cooler. I’m sorry, I’m from CA, we don’t have many underground shops here haha.


Yeah, I took Photobooth pictures alone.



That same day we went to the MET! Not really much to document here, mostly because I was lost 75% of the time I was there. My god why is so hard to navigate through the MET. I had a map and a billion docents to guide me to the exhibitions I wanted to visit, but NO. I STILL GOT LOST. I walked in circles approximately five times. Loved it nonetheless.



Seriously. I think I was over it by this point.




Last Day in NYC 😦

Not Featured on the blog: Visited Building 59 in Brooklyn, which is a FREE museum about Naval Ships etc. its pretty rad.

We stopped back in Manhattan to do some shopping, and a bit more exploring. My favorite part? Seaport District. Little shops, and great food are my heaven.



Went to Smorgasburg in Seaport District for some grub, and I tried my first Lobster Roll! LOL I know right, but hey, I don’t get out much, nor do I visit the East Coast often, so I figured, HEY, maybe I should take a chance on a $19 Lobster Roll. WORTH IT. (*Note: Yes I know it may not be “authentic” but my god was it delicious)




Thanks for checking it out! Let me know if you have suggestions for my next posts!

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